someone has a case of the birthdays

getting all the frosting... even from his fingers
sugar trance
the remainder
this girl is a doll.
she is so happy right now.

sam: age 3 weeks, location: russell orchards, mood: angry
sam: age 3 weeks, location: russell orchards, mood: pissed
sam: age 1 year, location: russell orchards, mood: happy
 life changes in a year.
wonder what he'll be doing next year at russells.
thankful for this precious child.
he makes me laugh.
he makes me cry.
most of all, he helps me understand God.
God had a son, an only son.
He was happy when his son was happy.
He was sad when his son was sad.

.getting philosophical today.


Birthday Weekend

We celebrated Sam's 1st birthday on Saturday!
The forecast was 70% chance of rain and we were planning an outdoor picnic/pizza party.
We had a back-up in place...
And then the sun was out and it was about 75 degrees.
We had a great time.
Sam had a bunch of little friends come play.
We all hung out at the playground.
We ate veggies, fruits, pizza, cupcakes, and other snacks.
Sam thought his first cake experience was yummy.
He didn't understand blowing out the candles.
I'm ok with that.

After the party we headed to Russell's Orchard for apple picking and checking out the animals.
My cousin Jackie joined us. She's a California girl, but she's going to school in Boston.
Woo hoo! Can't wait to spend more time with her!
Pictures to follow.
Hopefully I can post some wedding pictures or wedding videos later this week.
In other news, I'm trying a new project. Pics to come after it actually works. And is not a design fail.


Bathtime fun

Sam loves bathtime...
He enjoys floating in the water.
He likes playing with his toys.
He is thrilled when he learns new things.

Below is a video of him blowing bubbles! I finally caught him on camera. :)

{around 6 seconds and maybe 28 seconds for those who want to fast forward}

YouTube Video


Just Another Day In Paradise...

Before Caleb came home from India, we had a beach photo session with Sam.
Here are a few unedited photos for your viewing pleasure. :)
Hopefully I'll update the blog about Caleb's trip to India, our trip to Sweden, our trip to France, Summer's wedding and Sammy's first birthday (which was on Friday, but the party is this Saturday).
Until then.
Here are a few beachy photos... from my fave beach. Chappy.
And Sammy is oh so proud in the life guard chair.

{well hello there}

{climbing up the stand}

{sand is delish}

{oh so proud of himself}
{checking out the views}

{saving lives}
{headed for the ocean}

{nekked baby at sunset}