how cute is this nursery?
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who said space dictates style and cuteness? the above nursery is in a corner of a bedroom and the closet now holds the crib


finding caleb...

thursday, september 16, 2010
...i'm crouched under my desk i feel a strange feeling... i stand up and it feels like i wet my pants!
i think fast... i grab my iPhone, change of clothes and run into the bathroom, but not before i poke my head into my office where the comcast guys are and say "i think my water just broke, carry on!" in the bathroom i called the midwife... oh the memories that were made that day!!
i didn't end up speaking to my midwife, it was a nurse who answered. i told her my water broke, i had been at the office earlier in the day and my due date is monday, october 4, 2010. she asked me "are you sure your water broke?" "ummm, my pants are soaked and it's not pee..." based on my answer she said i had to go to the hospital right away. right away? my mind was racing: comcast was setting up internet and phone for my home office; they said it would take 3 hours, caleb was in class, my apartment was still in chaos, i didn't have a THING ready for baby alpine - the crib mattress was on back order and we didn't have the moses basket yet, my hospital bag was not packed... we did have the car seat, it arrived in the mail a week earlier and i took it out of its box the night before. seriously was NOT expecting baby alpine to arrive so soon! especially after my appointment earlier in the day resulted in the midwife stating "it's your first child and they are usually late."
i asked the nurse if i could wait an hour and she said no, i need to come in right away. this went against what my birthing class instructor taught us in class. we learned we can labor at home, even if my water breaks. we should call but should still be able to labor at home. caleb was in class, he won't be back until at least 5:15pm.
still in the bathroom, i change my clothes, freak out that i'm having a baby and calmly go into my bedroom to start packing, call caleb and then talk to comcast.
3:50pm i text caleb "call me!!!!!!! my water just broke!!!!!!! callllllllll mmmmmeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!" (sense the urgency? lol) i didn't want to "disturb his class" if his cell phone wasn't on vibrate. i go into my office and casually say to comcast, "my water broke and i have to go to the hospital. how long will it take for you to finish?" they look at each other frantically and say it'll be a while. they ask if the girl who helped them in the basement (accessing certain internet stuff) could stay here while they finish. "i'll check."
i walk back into my bedroom checking my cell phone. caleb hasn't texted me back. ugh. i try calling him. no answer. i try calling my mom's cell phone. no answer. i try my parent's home phone. no answer. i try calling caleb again. no answer. i'm starting to get nervous, starting to tear up. will i have to do this alone? i call my dad's office and reach him. "dad, my water just broke, i have to go to the hospital. i just wanted to let you know." i was trying to be real casual. his response, "is caleb there? did you call mom?" at those questions, my voice starts to waver and i'm trying to hold back tears. "caleb is in class and hasn't answered his cell phone. mom didn't answer her cell phone or home phone. it's going to be ok though, i'm going to get someone to help me. i gotta go."
i go downstairs and knock on jen's door. she's there. hallelujah. chorus of angels start singing as she answers the door. {joking} "um, jen, my water just broke and comcast is upstairs. can you please stay with them so i can go to the hospital and they can finish the job?" saying this as i hold my legs together, trying to keep my water from leaking {all you moms who have had your water break, probably understand where i'm coming from, if you haven't experienced this, don't judge}. jen goes into survival mode. "do you need anything? are you ok? where's caleb?" we hurry back to my apartment where i continue packing for the hospital...
there is a need for parts 3 & 4 - they will be coming, patience...


my maternity leave is coming to an end and it's bittersweet.
i'm looking forward to the day-to-day of work, my co-workers and doing what i enjoy.
but i'm sad about leaving sam (although it'll be with his mormor). what will i miss?? first steps, first words??
during my maternity leave i've spent time w/my precious baby boy,
but i've also spent it UNPACKING my apartment. ugh.
here's hoping the last few weeks i'm able to soak up and enjoy w/sam :)
i'm also wondering HOW to manage work and taking care of a baby...
should be interesting.



i have a new found respect for working moms, stay at home moms, homeschooling moms, alllllll moms... being a mom is HARD work.
this week's round-up...
  • sam spit up down my shirt
  • sam peed like a fountain... on the rug, on his changing pad, on his face, in the tub
  • sam pooped while taking a bath
  • sam had to wait for me to feed him... which resulted in many tears, mostly from sam
  • waking up early to feed sam and not being able to go back to sleep which turned into: doing the dishes, eating breakfast (often happens LATE or never b/c i'm taking care of sam), reading my bible
  • because sam woke up early, he had a nap and i had time to: shower, work, clean, unpack more boxes
but i can say, now that my life and schedule has changed, i love it even more.
i love...
  • sam sleeping on my chest
  • sam's heavy breathing when he sleeps
  • when sam snuggles up to me
  • dancing with sam
  • singing with sam - he loves him some music
  • bathtime with sam
  • reading with sam
  • his smiles and talking
  • his interactions w/his dad
  • and i could probably come up with a hundred more reasons... but i won't.
i am happy to say i have found more time and less sleep and can still function. i don't know how it happened.


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