ooh. big word.
i've been away.
not really away.
just worky work away.
i'm looking forward to finishing my work.
it's been an unproductive week.
and therefore no blogging allowed.
except to write a quick update.
to say that i'm in absentia.
did i use that correctly?
i'll leave you with this.

doesn't that look cozy?
i wish i had one to snuggle up in and read books when i was little.
heck, i'd like one right now.
they're fairly common in sweden.
maybe someday i'll (or the hubster will) build bunk beds like this for alpine & future kids
happy hump day.

ps- are you as into pinterest as i am? check it out. it's kinda cool. i used to bookmark sites i like b/c of images. now i can pin all the images in one place and then go back & find them. like above. awesomeness. in a website.

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