Tuesday Travels

Caleb is finishing up his master's degree... during which time we haven't been able to travel as much as we I would like...
So, I decided to reminisce about some of my travels and our travels.
Last summer, even though Caleb was working through his master's degree, we were able to travel to Sweden (to visit my family) and France (for Caleb's sister's wedding).
Big HOO-RAH! First big family vacation for us (which included Sam). Another HOO-RAH!
First passport for Sam.
First across the ocean flight for Sam.
Sam's first two other countries besides the US.
Big stuff, right?!
We had a great time and the other day, while perusing pictures, I came across these.
Sam was great on the airplane, slept most of the way over (so not many pictures), however he LOVED the train, as you will see. This is a partial photo dump... I'll have to come back with more pics from Sweden.
What were some memorable trips for you?
Would love to hear from you in the comments below!
First international flight

Icelandair Baby.
Stockholm Airport.
So excited.
Waiting to take the train.
Everything's moving so fast...
Mom, this is great! Why have we never done this before?
It's hard working watching, I need a drink.
Sam's Gammal Mormor.
Crawling at Notre Dame
Family Photo in front of the Eiffel Tower

Tour Eiffel at Night
Group shot!

Sisters :)
Bachelorette party in Paris. All in pink.
.sister love.
All dressed up.

All tuckered out.

Oh just goofing off in Versailles.
And we met some long lost relatives.
Sam is tired, again.
Walking around the Arc d'Triomphe.

First steps in France on the Arc d'Triomphe
family shot on top of the Arc d'Triomphe
Birthday party for Sam.
Birthday eclair
Sam's French Birthday Tart.

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ANj said...

Crawling at Notre Dame- what a great anf funny picture!Hes gonna love it someday..