We moved a few weeks ago. I am so thankful for the space we have.
We went from 700 sq ft to approximately 3000 sq ft.
Before we moved, I was thankful we had a place to call home. We had a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and we were living within our means.
When we has the opportunity to purchase the house we did, I was so thankful.
We moved and I continue to be so thankful. We have space for Sam to run around. We have a place that is easier to baby proof (which will keep Anna safe), we have room for Anna's crib (she was still in her bassinet!!!), we have room to have people over to visit without feeling cramped.
Our house is still in boxes. We are still unpacking. Caleb and I both work fulltime and we have two active kids. I want to spend my Saturdays hanging with Sam and Anna, not cleaning and unpacking, so I do a little bit at a time. And that's ok.
That means I have more time to figure out where to hang pictures, what color scheme I want, what furniture will work for our family.
Thankful. That sums up how I feel. Thankful for a place to call home. Thankful for no more moves in the foreseeable future; Caleb and I moved 4 times in 5 years!! Thankful for a place to create memories with Sam and Anna. Thankful for space. Thankful we are still able to live within our means.
I am thankful and grateful.

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