a summer day

this summer i try to take advantage of my crane's beach sticker.
it's not always easy.
i work.
my son has a "schedule".
my "beach time" is usually his "dinner time".
some days i'm too tired to go to the beach.
i worked from 8am-5pm.
it's too much work to pack a few snacks, bathing suits, towel.
too much work to pack our things in the car.
too much work to lug it all onto the beach.
but, when i do it.
it's worth it.
i relax.
i listen to the sound of the water.
i feel the sand beneath my toes.
i watch sam chase the seagulls.
i watch sam splash into the water [even though it's 60 F].
we hang out.
we build sandcastles.
we splash.
we snack.
we do it again.
we go home.
sam falls asleep in the car.

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