40th Anniversary Celebration

During the past year, we have been celebrating my company's 40th Anniversary. It has been quite the feat and we have weathered ups and downs. I'm proud to say I work for Murray & MacDonald Insurance and I can honestly say I enjoy my job. I enjoy coming to work every day. Of course, I've experienced both good and bad during the five + years I've worked for Murray & MacDonald Insurance, but overall, I love what I do. I'm very thankful to have a job/career; it's an added bonus that I enjoy coming to work everyday.
We had two 40th Anniversary parties. One for our office in Bourne and one for our office in Falmouth. Our Bourne office is large enough to host indoors, so we did. Our Falmouth office is fairly small, so we rented a tent and had the party outdoors. It was a gorgeous night and everyone enjoyed themselves. Here's a video highlighting the event.

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Lani said...

This was really cool, congratulations on 40 years! I even saw Sam!!!