What to do when it's 90 degrees out

Sam's new sleeping spot
Wednesday it was 99 degrees.
So hot.
I love warm weather, but it was too hot for me.
After a day working (in my home office with broken A/C) I was ready to cool off.
I took Sam, a friend, and two of Sam's babysitters to the beach.
Crane's Beach.
It was heavenly. We were only there for about an hour, but it was just enough to cool off.
Do we have to leave mom?
Sam was so sad to leave.
And so was I.
An ecstatic Sam
 Yesterday, I was working again.
The fans were on high and it was tolerable - in shorts & a t-shirt.
Hopefully we can fix our A/C OR get a new window unit SOON - so far stores have been sold out due to the heat wave.
On the positive, maybe we're using a little less electricity?
I don't know how people managed w/out air conditioning!
After work, I decided to take Sam to the beach again.
Solo trip.
He was ecstatic.
He met a few little kids.
He ran in the tidal pools.
He ran into the ocean.
He splashed.
He squealed.
He had a snack.
He chased seagulls.
He loved every bit.
And then he sat down.
And cried.
He was tired.
We were there for 2.5 hours.
We got home at 8pm.
It was dinner & bath quick.
Sam was asleep pretty quickly.
I don't mind the heat when I have a fabulous place to cool off.
I am so thankful we live near a beach.
I am thankful I have a beach sticker.
I am thankful said beach is amazing for kids & adults alike.

so tired.
 Happy summer! Glad midsommar and longest day of the year (yesterday)!
Now the days will be shorter.

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Caleb said...

Loved this Sara... Samuel seems to love the beach more than you if that is even possible...