day 2

caleb is in India.
he called me a few minutes ago.
he traveled for 36 straight hours...
10 minutes to the bus station
80 minutes to Logan
120 minutes of security & waiting at Logan
less than 120 minute flight to Newark
240+ minutes of waiting for his flight in Newark
870 minutes on an airplane to Delhi
a taxi ride to the train station
120 minutes of waiting at the train station
360 minutes on the train to Dehradun - final destination
something like that... i could be off a few minutes...
he's safe and sound in India.
and i miss him.
and it's only day 2.

i'm excited for his adventures. i'm excited to read his blog. i'm excited to see pictures. i'm excited to watch videos. i'm excited for his return. in 6 weeks. or in 42 days. not that i'm counting or anything.

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