swimming to India

sam checking out the waves
walking in the sand with mommy
Caleb left for India today.
Sam and I will be missing him mucho.
But hopefully we'll be doing some of the following:
1) texting
2) emailing
3) calling

Today I helped get Caleb on his way and then worked.
When I came home, I was greeted by Sam who crawled to me in record time. We had dinner and took a little swim in the ocean. Sam LOVED it!
It was his first time actually in the ocean. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to go sooner, but today was a success. Sam LOVED the sand. Then, we put him at the water's edge and he thought it was just great. Since I grew up on the ocean and LOVED going to the beach, I'm so glad to have a little boy who seems to have the same appreciation for the ocean as I do.
sitting in the sand for the first time and the verdict is out. he likes it!
sam's on a mission... ocean here he comes.
taking a dip in the ocean, sheer joy on his face

hugs for mommy

sam walking in the waves
Above is a link to a video of Sam crawling towards one of my first loves. The ocean. I think he wanted to swim to his dad in India. Well, his dad wasn't quite there yet, but he will be tomorrow. Hope you enjoy. And thanks to my Dad (morfar) and my brother (uncle Pete) for making the video possible, ie making sure Sam didn't drown!
(note: my frantic voice as I'm recording Sam's crawl into the ocean and a wave splashes over him. Uncle Pete came to the rescue)

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