give-a-way by shannon

check out my friend shannon's blog!
how cute are they? that's her little guy behr.
she's hosting a give-a-way.
it ends today.
she's giving away philosophy stuff.
check her out.
and if you don't win, you can follow her blog.
it's full of awesome goodness.

that's sam & behr. sam's showing behr how to grab. sam is good at that. especially things like my hair...

and here sam is showing how to teach behr to do a push-up. it was full on lacrosse training on the lawn. it's ok that behr didn't quite get it. sam is almost 4 months older... behr will be mastering it in no time.

here we are w/the boys in a park

and working on a timelapse with my camera. someday, i may post the actual timelapse.

pics are from our visit to Washington DC
in april
i know...
i'm two months late in posting them
maybe i'll dig up a few more?

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