Boating with Sam

yesterday, Sam went boating.
yes, you read that correctly.
a few weeks back Caleb and I bought Sam a life-jacket so he could go fishing w/grandpa.
yesterday, we decided to go tubing.
with sam.
you read that right.
you may think i'm a crazy mom.
or you may think i'm a fun mom.
but i wanted Sam to experience tubing and get a few pictures or movies of the event.
my brother is currently working on a movie...
so i will post a few pics.
i will preface this with:
1) Sam HATED his lifejacket
2) Sam LOVES the water
3) Sam ENJOYED tubing and we were only out there for maybe 2 minutes (on the tube)
so, since Caleb is in India, I need to share our tubing experience with him via this blog.
once my brother is done with the video, I'll be sharing that...

Uncle Pete & Sam on the boat

Getting Sam ready for tubing

Mommy & Sam about to get onto the tube

Who's more psyched for tubing?

Laying down on the tube
Woo hoo! First tubing experience for Sam!
Folks, I assure you, he loved it!
Happy 4th of July everyone! Today we went to a parade and Sam enjoyed most of it... except the end ;)
Pictures to come later. Hope you get to see some fireworks tonight!


Lani Giguere said...

Looked like he was enjoying his new experience! The life jacket stoll the show...too cute!

Caleb said...

I can;t believe you put my son through that!!