a day in the life of sam

this is our first weekend alone without caleb.
now i say alone, but i'm staying with my parents so we have not been alone.
we have very much been with people: mom, dad, brothers, exchange student and friend of one of my brothers - not alone. but caleb's not around. this is what typically happens on a weekend morning.
caleb lets me relax and he feeds sam breakfast

and sam enjoys "saturday morning cartoons"

also know as veggietales, as you can see in the picture
this weekend is not a typical weekend morning.
those will resume in august.
so this morning, although we miss caleb, i will cherish the down time while sam spends time w/his grandparents and uncles.

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Caleb said...

I love the second to last pic where Sam looks like he is lost in whatever he is looking at (veggie tales)