Happy Birthday!!

Sam celebrated his first Independence Day yesterday.
He is almost 10 months old and the USA is 235 year old, or at least since the Declaration of Independence was signed.

A few July 4th Trivia...
1) Where is the original Declaration of Independence located?
2) Who wrote the Star Spangled Banner?
3) Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence? How many people signed it?
4) When is the Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Indepence?
5) And...What is the dollar amount of all US fireworks imported?

Take a guess...

See what you get...

I enjoy little quizzes to test my knowledge...

Sometimes I'm tempted to cheat and either google OR scroll past all this...

I'll insert a few Baby Sam 4th of July pics.

We celebrated by going to a parade, Sam LOVED! Pictures on those later.
And then we went to the fireworks at the beach.
Sam thought it was just awesome.
Once the fireworks started, he sat there with his eyes wide open and mouth gaping.
Oh to be a kid again...

Sam & Uncle Pete

mmm... tasty chair
the barge where the fireworks launched from
our little "campsite"

appetizers with Uncle Pete

Sam's true personality showing thru

1) National Archives, Washington DC
2) Francis Scott Key
3) John Hancock and 56
4) July 4th 1776
5) $211 million

How did you do?

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Caleb said...

These pics of Samuel are great! You guys look like you had a great time. Glad to hear that he liked the fireworks! I love the last pic.