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It's Friday night and I'm sitting at my dining room table penning a letter to the President. I know. I'm 28 years old and I'm writing the President on a Friday night. It's an exciting life I lead.
Before you think I'm too lame, I will preface with a few thoughts.
1) My best friend is in India
2) Sam is sleeping
3) I have big plans for the rest of the weekend that include: boating to Martha's Vineyard and touring Boston with friends
Now that I've explained myself away. I will explain about the letter itself.
Lately there has been much press about the government, the spending, the possible default on debt. Lately I have been commenting that I will write the President, the House of Representatives, and the Sentors to express my concern. I haven't done that yet until tonight. Tonight I sat down and penned less than 2500 characters (that's all I was allowed) to Mr. President Barack Obama. I am not sure if he will read what I wrote. I am not sure if he will even see what I wrote. But, it's a start. If I do not receive a response, I will find another way to address the president (hello snail mail). The next target on my list are my senators, Scott Brown and John Kerry. Do you know who your senators are? You should. Check here to find them. After I contact the Massachusetts senators, I'll contact the House of Representatives, find yours here. Massachusetts has ten. I'm not sure yet if I'll contact all ten or just one. If you can't check out those links, check the iPhone app you can look them all up for a total of $0.99.
As I began, I wrote a message to the President. I am not happy with the US Government's level of spending. Our national debt is $14.32 trillion. Can you imagine that? I can't. What did the USA buy with that? Anything good? I believe the insane spending has to stop. And if I have a voice, I will try to be heard. We live in a free country, right? Below is the brief message I sent to the President. I will follow up if he responds, and if he doesn't respond.

Dear Mr. President,
Thank you for serving our country.
My name is Sara ____ and I write to you from Massachusetts. I am __ years old, a college graduate, an employee, a wife and a mother. I am the financial controller for an insurance agency on Cape Cod. (A side note: Enjoy your vacation on Martha's Vineyard. I was there recently, my family and I rode our bikes across the island, went swimming at South Beach, and ate dinner in Edgartown. It's a great place to vacation.)
My email address is: ____________ and I welcome your response to my email.
The purpose of this email is to be a voice for my generation. I don't want to side with a party. I do not want you, Mr President, believing I am siding with a particular party. There are many republicans pointing fingers at democrats and democrats pointing fingers at republicans. They are playing the blame game. At this point, who cares?
1) The US Government has a history of reckless spending. The House of Representatives and Senate are permitting it. The US debt stands at an embarrassingly high rate of $14.34 TRILLION. What did we (United States of America) buy? What do we have to show for $14.34 trillion?
2) The people of America want a balanced budget. Americans have to balance their budget. If they don't, they bankrupt themselves. If the USA doesn't balance their budget, are we headed for bankruptcy as a nation? The US Government needs to set an example for its people and begin balancing a budget. This was done before and it needs to be done again.
3) IF the USA has to raise the debt ceiling:
A) Get a GAME plan in place
B) Begin PAYING DOWN debt
C) STOP indebting the future of Americans
Mr. President, if I, Sara _____, don't pay my bills on time, the companies I am indebted to will hold me accountable. If I spend money beyond my means, eventually I won't be able to continue spending and I will have to pay down my debt or risk bankruptcy. If I, Sara ______ Financial Controller, do not pay the bills, the companies my employer is indebted to will hold my employer accountable. Is that where we are as a nation? Are we at the brink of bankruptcy?
You, the "CEO" of the USA, and Congress are responsible for spending and saving of our great nation. It says in Proverbs 22:7 "The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender's slave." We are borrowing from other nations, we are holding ourselves as "slaves" to other nations, we will be held accountable to them. Thank you for your time. Sara _________

What do you think? Do you like the part about Martha's Vineyard? A little personal note? We will see what happens. The worst, I don't get a response. The best, the President himself responds. Either way, I can't say I didn't try to use my voice or keyboard.

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